Beerline B Apartments

1710 - 1720 N. Commerce St - Milwaukee, WI 53212

Mixed Use Development in Milwaukee’s Beerline B Neighborhood

For years, the site on the corner of Pleasant and Commerce Streets stood vacant, largely due to complex site issues that previously made development cost prohibitive. In partnership with Brewery Works, the site’s previous owner, General Capital crafted a residential courtyard scheme that addressed the major site constraints: a major MMSD utility easement and a severe slope to the Milwaukee River. The two buildings contain 140 units and a third building contains a modern glass community space for use by both building and the Beerline B neighborhood. The buildings create a strong urban edge on the street and River, with ground floor neighborhood-oriented retail on the hard corner. The project will include over three hundred feet of Riverwalk, completing the sequence of public spaces through Downtown Milwaukee and the Third Ward.

The project is designed with a strong urban aesthetic. Crisp clean lines produce a strong vertical composition, with balconies hung on white vertical tower elements. Topping each vertical tower is an LED light box, with colors reflecting current outdoor temperatures. The project is enjoying strong leasing due to its ideal downtown location and aesthetic appeal. The project is financed with affordable housing tax credits, a Brownfield Grant and City of Milwaukee TIF contribution.