Berkshire at Sunset

S30 W24890 Sunset Dr - Waukesha, WI 53189

The Town of Waukesha Celebrates its First Senior Housing Development

A large vacant parcel and ten small single-family homes were redeveloped into this mixed use commercial/residential campus. Components including a large format grocery store, neighborhood-serving shops and the Berkshire at Sunset, a 78-unit independent senior housing facility. At the time, the Town of Waukesha ordinances didn’t allow dense residential development within its boundaries, so over a six month period, General Capital worked with the Town’s stakeholders to re-write its zoning code to accommodate this opportunity.

The Berkshire at Sunset is a high-quality, three story independent senior facility with spacious floor plans, numerous on site amenities and an attractive landscaping package to accent the property’s pond. We enjoy an excellent reputation within the area’s senior community as a high quality, affordable place to live.

For leasing information, please call (262) 548-0131