IDC Aerospace

Technology Dr - Menomonee Falls, WI 53223

IDC Aerospace, a division of Intertechnique Services Americas, provides repair, distribution and technical services for aircraft fuel and electrical system components. IDC’s parent company, the French conglomerate Zodiac, was founded at the turn of the century and continues to dominate the aerosafety market.

When the company sought to build a new North American repair facility, General Capital (with the assistance of NAI/MLG Commercial) helped the company identify sites, rank alternatives and analyze lease possibilities. The proposed facility was complex and required several special purpose components and demanding technical specifications to meet strict FAA requirements for equipment repair facilities.

Shortly before starting construction, the French parent company opted to own the 27,805 square foot facility, rather than lease it. General Capital restructured the original development agreement into a purchase contract, enabling the company to proceed with the project and meet its ownership objectives.