Kohl’s Food Store Grantosa Dr

Appleton Ave & Grantosa Dr - Milwaukee, WI 53218

Kohls Food Grantosa An award-winning grocery for Urban Milwaukee

General Capital redeveloped this underutilized urban property and brought a major national grocery store to the neighborhood. The northwest side of Milwaukee was underserved by retail services, particularly grocery, as most regional and national retailers focused their development efforts on the suburbs. The closed Kohl’s Department Store site was an eyesore at the intersection of Appleton & Grantosa in the City of Milwaukee, but created an opportunity for focused redevelopment. The Northwest Side Community Development Corporation (NWSCDC) provided assistance with a low-interest loan and job placement program. The loan was paid in full (ahead of schedule) and now serves as a reserve fund for the NWSCDC’s future neighborhood investments.

Note: General Capital no longer owns this property. Kohl’s Food Stores closed all their Milwaukee operations in August 2003. The store was briefly leased to “Always 99 Cents,” a local discount food and general merchandiser. It is now vacant and available thru MLG Commercial at (262) 797-9400.