Feb 13

Water Council has ambitious goals

Reported by the Milwaukee Business Journal. Water Council has ambitious goals

Jan 20

Why Chicago Businesses Love Milwaukee

Reported by Crain’s Chicago Business. Why Chicago businesses love Milwaukee now

Apr 25

Action in Walker’s Point

As Walkers Point begins to boom, The Biz Journal reports on action in the area. Notably, Walker’s Point was named…

Apr 1

The Water Council Annual Report 2013

Follow the link below for the Water Council’s Yearly Annual Report. The Water Council Annual Report 2013

Feb 25

General Capital Group To Develop Flex-Industrial at Century City

Mayor Barrett announced this morning that the City is working with General Capital Group to develop a new 52,000 square…

Aug 26

Water Business Park Proceeds

Tom Daykin reports on the Reed Street Yards. Read the full story Water Business Park Proceeds Despite Tax Credit Loss…

Jul 8

Reed Street Yards and Purple Pipes

JS Online reports on purple pipe systems and the plan for Reed Street Yards. An Excellent article with a lot…

Jun 20

MMSD Keeping Water Waste Overflows to a Minimum

Reported by JS Online, an interesting read on how MMSD plans to curb waste water overflow by 2035. Read the…